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Improve in-process inspections and quality control using image analysis.
Analyze text data from service call notes, maintenance records and customer comments to optimize service operations and address perceived quality issues before they evolve into lost revenue.

Client assumption. Identify apparent quality and security issues before they heighten.

Information coordination. Get a solitary, extensive perspective of all quality-related information.

Add up to cost of value. Diminish scrap and revise.

Prescient support. Limit impromptu downtime.

Early issue cautioning. Rapidly distinguish outline and generation deserts before they end up across the board.

Health Care

Identify & Automate manual processes using AI to improve overall efficiency and cost of clinical trials .

Enhance medical diagnostics to improve health care outcomes.

Control costs by improving hospital operational performance.

Readmissions. Comprehend the clinical and nonclinical factors that influence readmissions, and forestall avoidable readmissions in the most suitable and financially savvy ways.

Wellbeing results. Examine enormous volumes of organized and unstructured clinical and operational information to reveal shrouded bits of knowledge on signs, tolerant/supplier concerns and different issues that can influence persistent care. At that point transform that understanding into prove based information that can enable you to anticipate and enhance results.

Persistent wellbeing. Recognize potential issues previously they turn into a reality by dissecting differing information sources to foresee and restoratively research understanding well being signals.


Use AI to analyze and provide data quality detection/mitigation solutions to improve tractability of data sources, data lineage in middle office and back office workflows.
Predict next-best communications, deliver real-time credit scoring and decisioning, and power chatbots to ensure a better customer experience.
Stop payment fraud in real time, while reducing false positives and boosting investigator efficiency.

Administrative hazard administration. Consent to the most recent Basel directions around the world.

Stress testing. Perform far reaching pressure testing at a venture level.

Credit hazard administration. Streamline your credit portfolio, and settle on more brilliant loaning choices.

Demonstrate hazard administration. Essentially diminish your model hazard, and meet administrative requests.

Expected credit misfortune (IFRS 9/CECL). Perform credit presentation demonstrating for new money related revealing prerequisites around the globe.


Identify AI based optimization opportunities and provide turnkey solutions in insurance underwriting processes.

Cases extortion. Recognize and anticipate both crafty and expert extortion all through the cases procedure.

Guaranteeing extortion. Avoid premium spillage at the purpose of offer and recharging.

Rate avoidance. Spot rate avoidance strategies amid the statement procedure – before you issue an arrangement.

Natural Language Processing

We specialise in natural language processing technology that allows machines to apprehend and recognize what humans communicate and write, interpret their sentiments, and take relevant movements on the basis of this understanding.

Characteristic dialect handling enables PCs to speak with people in their own particular dialect and scales other dialect related assignments. For instance, NLP makes it workable for PCs to peruse content, hear discourse, decipher it, measure conclusion and figure out which parts are vital.

The present machines can break down more dialect based information than people, without exhaustion and in a steady, fair-minded way. Considering the amazing measure of unstructured information that is produced each day, from restorative records to online networking, computerization will be basic to completely investigate content and discourse information productively.

Fault Diagnosis

Early fault detection and mitigation models